Pax Red is an artist who knows that art, like life, comes in many forms. He loves to experience new genres of art and music, whether it's an experimental obscured musical genre or a paper mache sculpture. His favorite part about the modern world is that there are so many different ways to express yourself and your vision—and he wouldn't have it any other way.In addition to his own artistic pursuits, Pax also curates work from others on a variety of channels:studio9 (NFT art gallery - 45+ artworks from different artists)kogeruu (Instagram gallery - 2D, Painting) - 140k+ (Instagram gallery - 3D) - 10k+ reachPax R. on Spotify - (different genres, mood, events, etc) 5k+ combined reachAnd more! If you have a piece of art or music that you think would be a good fit for one of these channels, feel free to send him a DM and give him the link!


Pax Red is a multidisciplinary artist and aspiring creative director from Germany.He’s been making visual art and music for over 8 years now. He started with graphic design and electronic music, but has since expanded his repertoire to include touches of concept art, cinematography, 3D art, animation, and so on. His musical skills also run the gamut of electronica, pop, orchestral, hip-hop, EDM and many more.Red's discography includes four public artist aliases and over 20 singles released to date. His music has been featured on music blogs around the internet and has been streamed over half a million times across all streaming platforms.His multidisciplinary experience leaves him uniquely suited to a number of different roles. Whether it be musical/audial experience, graphics/visuals or a unique brand experience, Red is the perfect creative ally.With all of these creative pursuits under his belt, Pax Red aims to spread joy throughout the world through the frequency of sound and color. Something that you will feel as soon as you strap yourself in and immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Pax Red.

check highlights on instagram for more behind-the scene works

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primary tools:music: Ableton Live Lite, Alesis Q49, Cort Acustic guitar, Fender Squier Stratocaster Affinity HSS, FL Studio, Focusrite Scarlett, M-Audio Studiophile AV42 (Studio Monitors), Samson SR850 - Headphones.anything visual: Adobe Creative Cloud, Blender 3D, Clip Studio Paint EX, Nikon D5200 with 50 mm Prime lens (rarely), Oculus Rift S (VR), XP Pen Artist 15.6 Prohands and brain cells.background music also helps while working on something non-musical