this alien kinda makes music sometimes. genres include; too many
ghost production? yes.
custom instrumental/beat production? yes.
sucks at music production? no.
proof? below.

"just experimenting"

"just experimenting"

"i also made an animated music video for this track."


this alien kinda started too many projects/brands and is constantly working on them behind the scenes.
below are some of his notable projects that are public:



musical artist-alias/brand



creative studio/record label


astralsync Media

collective/curation network

more projects

@iamindgo (beat store)
@xmpath (noob photography)
@y45u (noob producer alias) (Spotify playlist network)
@ukiyosky (network)
@aetherzero_ (wallpapers)

this alien knows a thing or two about branding, so it's worth noticing If you're looking for any branding-related solutions.
he does branding for all of his projects himself. from brainstorming, direction, vision, visuals to execution.


according to #spotifywrapped, this alien listened to over 476 genres in 2020. he seems to enjoy any genre as long as they're well crafted.
he's currently accepting submissions for his public Spotify playlists. if you think your music fits in any of these playlists follow the playlist and feel free to send him a message on instagram.


this alien kinda offers some assets or downloadables sometimes.
currently, there is nothing. stay tuned by following him on instagram.


this alien kinda forgot to write a bio.
in a nutshell, this alien is kinda creative and does stuff such as music, branding, visual art, management, web design and more stuff.


this alien kinda uses Discord and runs astralsync's discord community.

Palshu πŸ‘½#8869


1. how long has this alien been making music?
a. this alien started learning music in 2013, but it hasn't been that long since he started doing it seriously. since 2017 I would say.
2. what about other skills such as branding/graphic design/visual art?
a. since 2016
3. what programs and tools does this alien use?
a. for music: Ableton Live Lite, Alesis Q49, Cort Acustic guitar, Fender Squier Stratocaster Affinity HSS, FL Studio, Focusrite Scarlett, M-Audio Studiophile AV42 - Studio Monitors, Samson SR850 - Headphones.
for anything visual: Adobe Creative Cloud, Clip Studio Paint EX, XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

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